Friday, 25 July 2008


Hola Amigos!
(I'm desperate to learn a new language.)

My name is Danielle, but everyone calls me danDan. I know everyone and their grandma (literally) has a blog, but my mates Suki and Tic Tac told me I should get one. So here I am.

2008 is a great year, for real. I been busy with drama school and university and film making and most excitingly making beautiful dress for you guys on my label CUT&SWALLOW. This is exactly how I look once I've finished making a dress:

So sexy!

Yeah, right now, I'm sitting naked at my computer, writing a script for my new film! Fun times. Don't let anyone put you in a box. Do you forever and ever.

By the way, do you like Adele? Man, this Hometown Glory is a lil bit spectacular, innit?

Love you long time (Mariah, you are some any teef hehehehehe.) You can't just hear people saying something and make it into a song. Or can you?
God Bless

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