Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Frock Me! Frock Me! Frock Me!
(I love my life.)

I'm gonna be on T4's Frock Me hosted by Alexa Chung and one of my favourite designers Henry Holland. I got to meet Rev Run, Roisin Murphy and Kate Nash.

Filming it was amazing. Everyone was so nice to me. Tracey and Lorraine who produced and directed the show were so nice. Simon and Sarah who I spent a lot of time with made me feel so comfortable. Lucy the choreographer was so nice to me and help me hand stitch shit that was falling of, whose choreography slinky and I ruined, was so beautiful and nice. I didn't want it to end and I don't think it will. Henry Holland is a beautiful person and Alexa Chung is soooo intelligent, bitches get back! Gemma Cairney is so talented and I know she's going to kill it. Alexis Knox who styled the show is so lovely. I hate that I don't remember the make-up artists' names but they were super nice and made me look so beautiful, but still me.

Slinky was sooooooooooooo lovely to me and we were giving each other massages back stage.
All the customisers were so nice and I was supposed to meet them for a drink after but went home and ate KFC with my flatmate Sophia.

I hate meeting celebrities cos I chat bare shit and embarrass myself cos I just think everyone's amazing.

I had the best time ever and everyone at Superbox is just amazing!

Best time.

2008 really is great.



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