Sunday, 1 February 2009

Rope Chain Spiller Kidz

Rope Chain Spiller Kidz:
I Love Them, You Should Too
(Katy Perry: Thinking of You is on repeat on iTunes and in my head.)

This Friday, I went to this gig at the Victoria in East:

My good friends, Rope Chain Spiller Kidz, played and they were fucking wicked! I really enjoyed the gig,; I'm biased, but fuck what anyone thinks, they're amazing. My friend, Suzana, my flatmate, Sophia and I went down there and we bubbled, got bubbly and had fun.

They were sooooo good, everyone loved it.

Here's a terrible picture of me talking to my beautiful friend Zahra at the gig on Friday.

Then crazy ass Margreezy drove us to Tic Tac's party:

Something happened and Afrikan Boy didn't make it to the club, and next thing I know RC$Kz were on stage, bubbling for the clubgoers. Then someone made a Boo-Boo and the CD starts to skip. And you know what my girls did? They flowed without the backing track and still KILLED IT!!! The crowd were going wild, and they wanted more. The more the crowd wanted, the more the CD skipped, the more the CD skipped the more the girls spat their lyrics acapella and MURDERED IT! After they stabbed it up, they departed the stage and flew home, I got drunk with Tic Tac, Suzana, Suki, Shaki and Akee. It was great and we, too, flew home in cab driven by a wicked cab driver called John.

Live long and proser, people. x

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Rachie-Pie said...

havent really heard their music but their style is top notch!

and slush outfit...i wear the exact same thing...with two tights insted of one and a hella thicker pair of kicks!!!