Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Photoshoot Was Fun!

Eclectic Magazine Shoot With Ben!!!
(I should be in bed.)

My good friend Eboni Burrowes, a great stylist called me early Saturday morning and was like, there's a shoot tomorrow for Eclectic Magazine, be there or be square (I'm adlibing but it was something along those lines) and bring Ben. So I did.

So Ben and I arrived in Peckham and we decided to mount the willy shaped bollards.

My turn, my turn!

Then I had to get my make-up done. I like being on the other side of the camera. Normally I'm at shoots looking fucked, but this is my time to shine as a model... ahahahahahaa. Whatever! I loved the make-up artist, Rachel. Too beautiful. Too lovely.

I loved my make-up. I still have it on... bush activities, I know, but I don't normally wear this much make-up and I thought it was pretty.

Hanging out with my hair twin Sigourney.

I love Amina's make-up... Gorgeous.

You can't see her eyelashes in this photo, but they were bad.

My time to shine. I can't act for shit. Glad I left Drama School, leave it to the professionals.

Ben's time to shine. He can't act either.

Time to bounce. My mum says Ben and I should have babies. I was like, no mum. Poor ting.

I'll show you the commercial when it's out.

Live long and prosper, people.


Rachie-Pie said...

i still love that top u wearing!!

Eboni x said...