Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Hipster Raves Are Fun, But It's Nice To Come Home!
(Up very early this morning cos I have lots of work to do. I love being busy.)

OK, so my best friend Ben and I have this friend Nadia and she works at Ministry of Sound and they've launched this new night every Sunday called Glam Roc. She had VIP tickets for us, so I was like, yeah, I haven't been clubbing round the way for yonks so why the hell not? And you know? It was one of the best nights I've had in a while! So it's my new religion. LOL! No, but I'm a regular. I love Funky House and that's nearly all they play. I'm really late jumping on this funky house thing, but whatever, I'm here now and I aint going nowhere! America doesn't have Funky House, but search Crazy Cousinz on Spotify!

The week before last I went with my girls Kelly and Jamushka and we had a great time and looked amazing and I wanted to share that with you all!!!

LOL! My big brother RaeQKwon (not his real name) is like the urban (cos black isn't the right term) Billa or Gabriel Green. He's at all round the way raves papping everyone! Everyone knows him, he's like Nokia, connecting people!

Don't you love Kelly's studded bra? She's a hot, hotter than hot desiger. She studies at University of East London (one of the best places to go to learn design technique) and her clothing label Kelly-Jade Nicholls is a lil bit toooo hot. LOL. No, but she's fire! Check her amazing portfolio here!

Jamushka, Kelly and I (behind the camera) chilling out upstairs with our free drinks! YAY! Greatness!

And there was a mini-reunion in the loo with Louise! We used to be in the same drama class in college!

OK, guys, I do live in these wet-look blue leggings from American Apparel! I love them and they were free! But what do I love more? My jacket that Buzzzzzzta bought me for my birthday! Isn't it perfect? I love it soooo much!

So, I'm gonna be at Glam Roc this Sunday again, my favourite Funky House DJs Crazy Cousinz will be there and I've managed to wrangle myself VIP tickets! YAY!

Well, have to get going. Still working hard on this Reebok project for the mag! Arrgggh! The party is on Friday! Should I wear high heels or trainers to the launch party? I don't have any Rebooks. It's rude to roll to a Reebok party in Nikes. Or Pumas. LOL. I'll figure it out.

Live long and prosper guys!



sambaylissibram said...

dan!!! sounds like ur havin so much fun// wots the reebok//supersuper thingy I think I've seen sum pictures on someones FB? xx

Bang Bang said...

Imma steal that bra in 3....2....

Autour de toi said...

I have the same leggings! hehehe, funny pics.

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