Tuesday, 15 September 2009

WEH YUH DEH? (Translation: Where are you?)

(Getting the keys for my new flat today!)

Hi Guys, sorry I been absent. I've been busy. Sorting out stuff at SuperSuper for Fashion Week and what it do. I'm not showing this season, or next season. I wont stop making clothes, but last LFW was a fault start and I dont wanna do that again, cos as you know, in a race, 2 fault starts and you're out. So I'm gonna hold back, I don't need to rush and then I'll come out when I'm ready with something insane! DO NOT WORRY. I'll still show you all how to make stuff and run the stall and everything.

So while I'm MIA, here's a picture of me, Hannah and LiKle P at Richard Shoyemi's birthday party. Doesn't Hannah look to die for?

Yes, she does!

Live long and prosper. Lots of love... xxx

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