Thursday, 8 October 2009

I'm An Alcoholic Emo, But I Work, Bitch

Just Wanna Show You Some Stuff
(Today is going to be another activity filled day.)

Hi Guys, yesterday was a lot of things... also new boy is dead to me. Dead. So I'm trying to keep really busy so eventually his existence fades from my conciousness... I've been very busy but I still wake up thinking of him... oh kill me. LOL... no, don't, but it feels really rubbish. Why am I telling you this? I need to get it out and people on Twitter must b tired of my ramblings; sharing is caring and all that.

Look at my work! LOL. I wanna show someone, so I'll show you. Working at SUPERSUPER, I get to meet the most amazing people and produce a lot of fun pieces of work.

Filming with Boy Better Know is always an adventure, but they're lovely, lovely young men. I will always make them look good on camera... ALWAYS. xx

JCDC is so lovely and personable. Did I mention that he's an icon? If you don't know, get to know.

OK, God bless.
PS, don't drink and shop.
Live long and prosper. xxx

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toira said...

did u just "new boy is DEAD to me" ha. i think i lve you. and looking to the left i cant decide which one i need in my life first. [dress that is] argh. thanks to tiffwithlove for sending me this way. u r amazing!