Thursday, 11 February 2010


Nostalgia I Am
(Trying to call my bessie mate Yasmin on Skype... grrr, not getting through.)

Hi! I hope you're all doing swimmingly. My life is so up and down right now all at the same time, but God is good, and my friends and family are supportive. Even the managers at my PTJ (Part Time Job) have been supportive. So I just have to keep soldiering on. It's a wild, wild west, doing my best! In the words of Miss Sade. Bad man album, no?

So anyway. At our NYE party, some pig-fucker stole my shitty camera, so I've been using disposables, bare with me! I went to Boom Bye Bye last week and saw all my beautiful friends and you know when you need to be with your friends instead of being in your flat rocking back and forth asking God why? Yea! That's how these photos were conceived.

God bless!
Dani xx

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Rachie-Pie said...

<3 so cute the pik of you and your bro!