Wednesday, 3 March 2010

God Bless TopShop...

My Fashion Toast-ness
(I want dreadlocks now.... Nubian Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!)

Hi guys!!!! How are you doing? I'm working on my dissertation! Grrrrr! So intense! But whatevs! To make myself feel better I went to Topshop! Yes I did! They gave me a voucher, so I decided to put that shit to good use. And I've always wanted to do a Fashion Toast-ie (click here, if you don't know, but you should, so shame on your eye balls) kind of blog entry. So here I am, doing thusly.

Please, for the love of all things holy take the stickers off the bottom of your shoes. SO TACKY!

+=Levi's Sam Greenberg Denim Fleece Lined Jacket=+
+=Topshop Croc Rucksack=+
+=Sophia's Granny's Jumper=+
+=Topshop Jamie Skinny Jeans=+
+=Topshop Addison Wedge Ankle Boots=+

Then Sophia made me take a picture of her. She is currently working to a MASSIVE deadline, she does not look like this all the time.

¡AdiĆ³s amigos!
¡Dios bendice! xxx


ALANNAH said...

miss u girl! xoxo
love the shoes! I just ordered them in tan! but now i want the black ones too!

Simpli-c-t said... love those shoes