Monday, 26 April 2010

Gone Too Long; The Truth

(Still in shock from watching the video..)

Hi Guys! How you doing since my last post 6 hours ago? LOL. Well anyway, M.I.A's new video is violent and hard hitting. I know you guys don't care much when I write shit like this, but guess what? It's my blog so shove it. Greatness. Where was I? Well the video, click here, is about government forces who abduct men with ginger, red hair to kill them by making them run a gauntlet of landmines and flying bullets.

In my opinion the video is amazing. It is never nice to see children have their heads blown off or men blown into a thousand pieces but what Sophia (my flatmate) made me realise was that we ALWAYS see some black person get shot, maned or killed in a film in Blood Diamond, or a chinese person stabbed with Samurai sword in Tarantino's Kill Bill but never white people being massacred. It's supposed to be thought provoking. To remind you that there is deeper shit going on than whether or not Lady Gaga is a man or how fake Nicki Minaj's buttocks are.

I guess with all the Beys, GaGas and Nickis we can forget there's some REAL fucked up shit going on. BUT do not misconstrue what I'm saying. I love them all. I love listening to their music and watching their videos. What I'm saying is it is good for everyone to be reminded once in awhile that it's not all Barbie Bitch.

God bless
Dani x


TakashiFlash said...

Heeeyyyy! I still enjoy Minaj's madness! not so much Gaga though.. meh.

When i watched the Born Free video i was a bit ignorant and quick to say Woy! This director's gone ape shit! but you educated me, so i didn't continue to blindly assume they(director/M.I.A/whoever :O ) wanted to par ginger people. Its still messed up :O but i'm not mindlessly thinking oh snap, that's messed up now

...if that made sense

>T x

Anonymous said...

If you think it's fascinating to see anyone be subject to violence, white, black, chinese or whatever, hell cannot open it's mouth fast enough to devour you.