Saturday, 4 December 2010


Jessie J, Me And Everything In Between
(Feeling on top of the world! YAY)

Hi guys!

I know it's been an absolutely long ass time! But here's a quick update before I run out the door to this party. I'm still here, staying quiet so I can work on this amazingness coming in 2011. Let's be real, 2010 has been hard, but know that next year we're gonna see some honest to God greatness! YAY!

Excitement time. I had the chance to interview Jessie J. I'm in love with the woman. Ever since I saw her sick video:

Then when Will, the editor at SUPERSUPER, called me and was like "You want to interview Miss Jessie J?" I jumped at the chance. The great Loukia Constantinou hooked everything up and I went and interviewed her! What a great woman! Check the interview out in the next issue of SUPERSUPER! Out soon!

PS. I'm making it sound so much more dignified than it was. I called Will and begged him to interview her. LOL. I just love her so much!

And my great friend Zeyna had this stroke of genius and thought it would be a good idea to put me and all the rest of us amazing black girls in front of the camera for once.... O_O LOL It worked out well. This is what they put me in:

And I had the greatest time! I was SMIZING and shit! Tyra would be so proud! Here's Candie and I on the train on the way to Church:

HOOOOORAY! Can't wait to show you the amazingness!

OK Guys! I gotta depart! I'll be back soon. Follow me on Twitter here if you can't bare the wait til the next blog entry!

Hug yourselves and love each other!

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