Monday, 25 August 2008

Good Times

Some Urban Nerds Got Us Licked
(I been in my house all day, doing jack shit.)

OK, so I went down to 93 Feet East on Saturday evening, I was late of course. Oh my, these horrible Asain guys screamed abuse at me as I walked down Brick Lane, saying I was a man in a wig and other stuff in Punjabi as I walked down Brick Lane. It made me really sad until I remembered I'm the shit and continued to the party.

I've never been to Urban Nerd before. I kinda underestimated the popularity of the event, because when I got there the cue was everlasting and never-ending. I praised God in heaven for guestlist and walked to the front of the cue. But guys, I get nervous about guestlist , cos sometimes there can be complications and then you have to walk back past all those people in the cue who are kinda laughing cos you've been turfed. I swear, I would have gone home if that had happened. But it didn't, I just called J and he came and got me.

Met my girl Buzzta Buzz inside and got introduced to all her breadrins, after which we got down to the activities of the night:

Sambuca + Baileys + Some Cherry Ting = Good times :D

Here goes....

Bottoms up!


Good times !



Mary Gold said...

Asians are pure haters anyways!!

Ella said...

" I remembered I'm the shit"

damn right that's the way you do it.
Guestlists scare (i know my luck).
I'm so unfortunate when it comes to urban nerds events... I always miss them.