Saturday, 9 August 2008

Video Blog

Vlogging Is The Shit!
(I gotta get in the shower and go meet B.E.N!)

This writting thing is hard to keep up like a dick when a guy aint into the chick, literally! So I've started flexing the muscles of this fucking expensive iMac making video blogs. Check it out, expect many more.

Tell me what you think. Why am I swearing so much?

Can't see it? Click here to go to my YouTube Video Channel.



Godfrey said...

i feel it got big when they opened that big store down oxford i think ?

danDan said...

yeah, cos before they just used to have the one two shops like in ur local highstreet, then they put it in west and the shit exploded...

thanks for reading my blog.


La La said...

i want to go to primark when i come and visit okay?!