Monday, 4 August 2008

The Fashion Industry

Are You Having A FUCKING Laugh?
(The Dark Knight was amazing.)

OK, so my best friend Nasharie invited me to a fashion show that she was walking in on Saturday at Rich Mix off Shoreditch Highstreet on Bethnal Green Road. It was called Gifted by Elevation Networks. Great show. The designers were nothing short of inspirational. I had so much fun watching the show and my diva of a best friend stomp the runway like she owned the shit.

This guy, I wont expose him cos true say he's just a pawn for the big players, came up to me and started talking FRAFF. Remember that one? Fraff! He spoke so much fucking fraff in my ear holes I nearly  started spewing blood from them.

This is how the convo went:

BRAINWASH BWOY: Darling, you're so fabulous.

danDan: Oh, thank you.

BRAINWASH BWOY: Would you like to show your collection at our event next week?

danDan: Tell me more about it.

BRAINWASH BWOY: Blah blah blah industry talk blah blah. What size do you cater for cos we prefer size 0 and 6 models. That's what we're using.

danDan: Sorry, why do prefer them?

BRAINWASH BWOY: Well, bigger girls detract from the clothes. We don't want any personality, they're just there as hangers for our clothes.

danDan: Sorry. I can't show my collection at your event. 

BRAINWASH: Furthermore size 12 and 14 is bordering overweight.


This idiot is talking to me! I'm size 16, I'm 5'9 and I rock thick thighs and huge breasts. I told him straight, you're chatting shit, I'm the biggest girl in here and you came up to me over these skinny girls and yet you wont put me or girls my size on your catwalk? Get the fuck out of here.

I'm not saying that I'm gonna have a size 22 rolling down the catwalk in a bikini, cos that aint what suits a woman of that size, and to that, I wouldn't have an emaciated bitch who don't eat shit pushing my clothes, the weight of the fabric might crush the ho. I have friends who are healthy and skinny, they can walk my catwalk all day, but anorexic, corpses need to get some help, cos that shit is not nice. I don't like it, but at the same time girls who are overweight and don't look healthy, like 22 stone and  don't do shit with their lives, they equally need help.

Arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh, I was so pissed, cos one of my  close breadrins Tiff is a stunning model who's signed to a top agency told me the girls at the castings, where they send girls from all the top agencies; Models' One, Select,MMP, are so skinny they made her feel fat! She said she knows its ridiculous, but it's the truth. It hurts and I'm not best pleased, cos even Nasharie came off the catwalk on Saturday and asked me if she was too short, "Was I fat? Did I look fat?" 

What is this madness?

I know they love themselves, but shit the fashion industry's no joke.

This is Tiff:


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