Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Frock Me

What's This Got To Do With Me?
(Going down to Brixton to pick up our desks.)

Head of T4, Jules Oldroyd has commissioned Superbox Productions to produce Frock Me, a weekly 45-minute magazine show that will celebrate all things fashion and music. Bursting at the seams with take-away tips, the show will be hosted by fashion mag fave and T4 presenter Alexa Chung and designer of the moment Henry Holland. The series will run for seven weeks and start in October within the T4 strand.

The series will have a fast-paced, spontaneous magazine format which each week explores a youth culture trend from the worlds of fashion and music – club chic / rock’n’roll jeans / sportswear etc - that will link celebrity guests, bands, regular strands and VTs. Each show will look at the theme’s influence from its roots right up to which designers are rocking the look on the catwalk now.

The series will feature interviews with stylish celebrities and fashion icons who have inspired each show’s theme. Joining the Frock Me team will be intrepid style scout, Gemma Cairney, who will visit a different city each week, dispensing insider tips from the high street and attempting to find Britain’s wiliest wannabe stylists. These members of the public will have to buy, blag or borrow to create an outfit in the style of the week’s theme that will culminate in a studio ‘Frock Off’. Another regular feature will see two groups of friends customizing their jumble with Henry and his team of cutting edge designers and stylists until it’s fit for the show’s catwalk finale played out by the week’s band.

With unprecedented access to the movers and the shakers of the fashion and music world, the coolest, most credible fashion journalists and stylists behind the scenes, plus Alexa and Henry’s tongue-in-cheek antics, Frock Me will be witty and well informed. It’ll take a positive look at who and what changes the way we dress, from haute couture to club culture, from big name brands to rock bands, with bags of expert advice and insider info along the way.

“This is a dream first commission for Superbox and we’re very excited to have the most wanted duo in fashion fronting the series” said Frock Me executive producer, Jules Wilson.

Jules Oldroyd, Head of T4 added, “This is the first time that T4 has commissioned a fashion show & our aspiration is that each week we will celebrate the whole spectrum of fashion & inspire our audience to have more fun with what they wear”.

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Ella said...

I've been there for the filming (dressing the customisers) I can't wait till it's aired.