Wednesday, 1 October 2008

It's Been A Long Time...

These Are My Memories...
(I love my new flat!)

Oh guys, I've been so busy lately, trying to find somewhere to live and getting new projects together. But here's a quick visual montage of what summer's been like for moi!

My new jacket and I coming home from Rye Rye's gig at The East Village.

Yasmin, Mrs Qwon and I at Goldie Loc's Hardknock Wife.

I win Buzzta, I win!

I love me some chicken, but Nandos had me stuff man, nearly didn't finish. Nearly.

Kharise and I at Fashion Week. I know it's not summer, but near enough.

Chris Brooke and I. My boobies suffocated him nicely.

B.E.N cracking up at someone's lost weave at SEOne.

Yvo and Sterling. He out danced us, and shit, we can dance!

Rye Rye (who I'm sure I scared to death when I spoke to her), Cassette Playa and that lil bump of hair is M.I.A

We took the bus everywhere this summer. When CUT&SWALLOW make cars, I'm on that!

Ezra Bang!

T's birthday!

Spent a majority of the summer making dresses for these beautiful ladies.

My dear, dear friend Tosin has gone to study International Business and French in the States. I miss you, mama!

Hannah B and I at Social.

Yvo! I love u, mannnnnnn!

My other half, partner in crime, co-de and ride or die chick, Candice, is in India volunteering and teaching kids english.

This guy told me he wanted to suck my ***** in the RedStar in Camberwell and this is the face I gave him. Heheheehehehe.

Candice laughing at a girl passed out in front of house, it was 8pm, you can't be that drunk so early!

In my flat getting organised.


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La La said...

you had a great summer i see! :)
miss u!