Saturday, 10 January 2009


My iPod
(So many layers on, I can't bend my arms.)

I'm bored at the part time job, so, I'll take you on an A-Z of my iPod. I've had my iPod since December 2005. I think I've done very well. I'm not into new gadgets, they get smaller and my nails get longer, it's not a good combo, you know? So let's see what my glorified MP3 player is saying with a look at the highlights.


Aaliyah: Classic! her Aaliyah album was just beautiful from beginning to end. Were you a fan before or after she died?
Amanda Perez: Her tune Angel used to reduce me to tears when I used to be friends with this lil punk named Dwayne. Hehehehe... puppy love.
ATL: Where are these dudes? Their album was so solid!!!


Bear Man: I love his song Drinkin' Beer, cos it's a smart lil piece of grime/garage cheekiness. Where you at?
Bishop TD Jakes: His sermons inspire me.
Bob Marley: He looks like my dad and reminds me of home.
Bon Jovi: Alwayyyyyyyyys!
Booka Shade: Gilmore introduced me to this whole minimal trance thing, that I thought was silliness, but now, I bump it on a regular basis.


The Chemical Brothers: You know you love them!
Choklate: Took a while to care, but fabulous musician.
Counting Crows: I am colour blind. Coffee black and egg white.


Dave Spoon feat Lisa Mafia: Remember when I was the Bikini Bottom Bad Gal? Ahahahaa. This song was my anthem.
Dizzee Rascal: I was watching David Blaine come out the box the night Dizzee was filming Just A Rascal on the Thames at Tower Bridge (which, thanks to Fergie, generally, Americans think is London Bridge).
Donnie McClurkin: I love me some Gospel, and Donnie McClurkin is one of my favourites. "It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's just my superman, Jesus is his name...!" Loves it.


Enur feat Natasja: Calabria! Big tune from here to Timbuktu.
Estelle: The 18th Day, her first album, I loved it.


Foxy Brown: "You a industry bitch, I'm an in the streets bitch!" Love her, more than Kim. Yeah! I said it!


Ghost Town DJs: Are you dumb? This one hit wonder never gets old.
Girls Aloud: My guilty pleasure, I love them. Especially Cheryl and Kimberly.


Isley Brothers: That's my mum rubbing off on me. They're tune Body Kiss feat Lil Kim is a killer.


Jade: "Don't walk away, boy..." Enough said.

Justice Vs Simian: Big tune, skank out with your friends for hours to this one, over and over.


Kano: Oh, he's soo fine. Proper english boy. I tripped in front of him, once, at some festival. Great artist.


Lauryn Hill: Oh, you know I'm right.

Linda Ronstadt: Blue Bayou? Man on Fire? Denzel Washington? Beautiful song.

Linkin Park: I've loved them from day, used to have a huge poster on my wall.


MGMT: Yes.

Mis-teeq: Are you crazy? "All I want is for you to be with me! Loving you everyday will be easaaaaaaaaay!"


Natty: I love men with dreadlocks, and he is a lyricist.

Norah Jones: "Come away with me in the night..." I remember when this song came out, my mum just got new carpet when we lived at our old house.


Olivia: First lady of G-Unit. I loved her, cos she looked like a cat/lioness and I love lions.


Pat Benatar: "We are young! Love is a battlefield."


Raistalla: Bad man artist. Google her!!!

The Real Heat: Shaki, Zaza and Suki scared the shit out of me the first time I saw them at 93 Feet East, singing about pussy and STDs like it was ice cream and bunnies.

Roll Deep: Arrrrrggghhhh.... yeah. Love.


Southside All Stars: Do you remember this tune? I love garage.


Teedra Moses: "Don't know if you got a girl, don't mean to disrespect, but part of you rules my world.


Unklejam: Brilliant videos. I want to work with them in the future. It's a real fucking shame that the music industry doesn't push groups like this harder. Grrrrr!


Vanessa Marquez: The Neptunes Presents... The Clones... remember?


Wiley: My man. Biggest tune of last year.

No X, Y or Z on my iPod.


3LW: ahahahaaha.

702: classic..

OK, work was shit today. I'm going home to cook for Sophia and do the rest of the collection.

Love and forward movements x

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