Friday, 9 January 2009

The Fashion Industry

"Hahahaahahaaa!" Said The Evil Model Booker.
(Going to the printers to pick up the fabric.)

The moment my eyes landed on her I thought YOWZERRRRRR! That is one beautifully stunning girl, I asked her, who do I have to harrass to get you to walk in my show? She told me ********, one of the premier modeling agencies in the world. I was like, yeah man, I'll just tell them I NEED to use her in my show, it's a show for charity and I have no money to pay her and so forth and it should be fine, right? 


I just imagine the booker writing the e-mail, cackling hysterically at the thought. Whatever. 

I'm listening to 

Destiny's Child: Happy Face
Goldie Locks: Smash and Grab
Israel and The New Breed: Trading My Sorrows.

Love and forward movements. x

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wolfwhistle said...

Happy Face ALWAYS makes me feel a bit better! "I'm living, I'm grateful" - so true.

Amy xx