Thursday, 8 January 2009


Arrrgggghhhhh! The Lazy Designer...
(It's actually a good day.)

Hey everyone! I'm not really frustrated, just annoyed at myself for being a lazy designer. I shouldn't really be telling anyone this, but it's quite funny and there are pictures involved.
So, during my relaxing time at the beginning of my break from uni, I started researching, not well enough, evidently as the following shows... anyway, I carry around this little notebook:

And when I was at Gilmore's house, I found an old copy of the O magazine from the Observer and in it they had a spread of the Paris Couture shows in Sept 07 and I fell in love with this idea from Armani:

I just thought, errr being that these were from Paris Sept 07 shows, (even though I've scribbled 08/09 next to it) that I could run with the pants idea for my A/W 09 collection. Right? No way!

My friend at the part time job always gives me her used copies of Vogue and my heart melted when I started flicking through the February copy and I nearly screamed "Oh my god!" at a customer when I proceeded to see the following:


Malene Birger

Stephano Pilati @ Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

That's what you get for lazy bugger research. Now I gotta come up with something else for the show next week... Errrrr. It's such a bum! But it's OK, cos I gotta be creative... yay! Post modernism is a motherfucker.


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La La said...

ive seen you've fallen inlove with harem pants :D
especially these YSL ones ahhhhhh I died lol