Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fashion Week Is Over, Look At This!

Thank God It's Over
(I have to tidy my flat.)

So I've been sewing for the last 2 months and it's all over, now. My 1st Fashion Week show was yesterday and it was cool. My insecurities took hold. There were tears and tantrums. My dresses looked good, although, one model went down the runway with the zip down as it wouldn't zip up. I was really angry at myself, but then I realised, shit! I taught myself how to sew and I've done as well as I can with the skills I know. God is good. Hoooray.

Time to rest.

Here's a dress from the new collection:

Live long and prosper, people xxx


Anonymous said...

That dress is absolutely amazing. You're the best!

A x

Strutt said...

nnice. so when can we see it?

Rachie-Pie said...

urm..that dress has my name all of it !! i love the scructural shape of all the angles!!!!

LALA said...

yay!!! :D
im glad all went well!

Robër Pierre said...

awww , glad everything came togetherrr!

i'm definetly in full support of youu girl , you just don't even know. you're designs get me to gaspingg lol