Thursday, 26 March 2009

Where I Been

Chilling With My Peoples, Living Life
(I'm on Skype with Hannah B!)

Hey guys! How you doing? All 9 of you. Love you guys, thanks for you coming to my blog consistently. Really appreciative.

So, I been just living life and that. I'm sad at the moment cos my flatmate's gone to Cali for 7 weeks and I'm here by myself. If you wanna swing by, get at me on twitter or something. LOL. So let's start at the beginning.

So, I've worked really hard at university with my team and our hard work was repaid at the end of the term last week with prizes from the industry giant we were working for. Guess what it was? We all got Gucci by Gucci perfume. Oh, it made me so happy. I gave it to my mum for mother's day, cos she was there for me and helped me do both Fashion Week and university, just by being there.

Eating pizza, drinking cider and smoking Shiisha on my living room floor with my flat-mate Sophia and school friend Luke!

Chilling out and drinking alcohol at Bonita, Rosie, Lauren and Jo's house. This isn't a nice pic of them, they're really beautiful. But I like this pic of me. I like my thigh!

This is me dressed up as the Token Black Girl at The American Frat Party. Someone's pushing my breasts up, don't know who it was. But I like this pic.

Hanging out at a shoot with my mates. LOL. The first pic is me molesting Dominic. And then Duke and my newest girly friend Kelly-Jade Nicholls. It was a fun day. Fun times.

OK, so I'm gonna have a sleep now. I feel really weird and tired.

Live long and prosper, people xxxx

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Rachie-Pie said...

looks like you had muchos funnn!!! and ur tops are hottt!and yaya free perfume free things are the shizz!