Sunday, 29 March 2009

My SuperSuper Dress Turned Pants

Let's Make Something Hot
(I need to tidy up my flat- no joke.)

Hi everybody! How you doing? There's 10 of you now... WOoOoOhHoOoO! Anyway, where do I start? They are selling big bags of Rainbow drops in Iceland for 50p, for any American readers that's like 27c. In Jamaica that's $50 and if you're from Europe, I'm not too sure what that is is in Euros... LOL. So, that's great and tastey  news.

So, I'm going to make pants out of the bottom bit. LOL. I'll make them this week and take pictures and write a cool blog for you guys. I'm gonna make them properly and show you all the steps. I'd make a video, but I'm too lazy.

OK, thanks for reading my blog. 
Live long and prosper, everyone! xxxx


LALA said...

miss u! :)
your hair looks fabulous

Nataliexxx said...

You're blogs cool! & you appear to be a great designer! Hope your career goes far (its bound to!...)