Sunday, 19 April 2009

At The End Of The Day, It's Just Hair- Get Over It!

(Listening to R Kelly's Chocolate Factory on Spotify! Great album.)

Hey everyone! One of these days I'm gonna finish them pants! LOL, I know it's not funny, but things are getting serious, no lie. Now, I work part time at Carphone Warehouse on the phones in Customer Support. So, all I get is a whole leap of upset customers calling. Now, if you read this blog often, not too long ago, I did my hair like this:

Half black, half blond. I thought it was pretty neat, but Carphone Warehouse didn't. One of my manager's booked me off the phones and pulled me up in this meeting to tell me that my hair is not work attire and it's unacceptable. I was like, but customer don't see me. He was like, yeah well it's the same as wearing a low cut top, having tattoos on show or wearing trainers to the office. Yeah, they said I can't have my hair like that in the office any longer. I think it's fucking interesting that this has just come up esp considering the assortment of fucked up hair styles I've rocked in the past, but whatever floats their corporate boat.

However, I paid £70 for that weave and I'll be a long, long, long way to hell before I take out a fresh weave for them super, easily offended motherfuckers at Carphone Warehouse. So, I got my Aunty Zion to wrap my hair the first week:

I fucking weren't impressed, yeah? I felt persecuted and humilated. People were laughing at me at work and even now it makes me sad. I think the colour just weren't right, but I couldn't find another colour, so the next week I wrapped it up by myself with a black cloth:

It was a lot better, especially cos I tried with make-up. But I still feel as though my human rights are being violated somehow. But I only work there for 2 days a week which equals 13 hours. I'm not gonna argue and cause a scene for that, but thinking about it I should. You see, people are like, you need to stand up for your rights and show the man they cant fuck with you. But, it's complicated. What do you think? I need this job, right? I don't live at home, I have bills to pay and while the label is amazing and I know it's going somewhere amazing in the very forseeable future, right now, it's about butter and bread and CPW allows me to go to university, maintain an all right lifestyle and still pay for the essentials, without draining me of energy and time.

And as a side note, I went to my really good friend Lisa's flat and her flatmate said "I can't stop staring at your hair."
"I know, I get a lot of grief for my hair." I replied, running my hand through it.
"Well, you're kind of asking for it, with hair like that, aren't you?" Was her retort.
And I realised, that this is what a lot of people who stare at me, laugh at me and point at me on the tubes, the buses and in the streets think, that because my hair is a little different think. That I deserve that kind of response. Now, don't get me wrong, my hair's interesting, but for FUCK'S SAKE! IT'S JUST HAIR. I don't have tattoos on my face, or peircings through my eyes! What is there to stare at for 10 minutes? There aint nothing to decipher. It's hair with 2 different colours! You know? FUCKING HELL. It's really sad.

On a better note! The whole reason I got my hair done like that is for this promo for Eclectic magazine shoot which happen a while back, check it out:

I love the way (not in a sarcastic way) everyone tries to make the meaning behind the name CUT&SWALLOW about something dirty, when it has nothing to do with sex or that giving head. LOL. I'm not that out there. LOL!!!

So after all that, I'm getting a new weave tomorrow.. I'm a little bit too excited, cos I aint gonna show it to you until after my birthday ( 2nd May) unless I can't wait, cos I love it that much. OK! Rant, rant, rant! Now... loads of things coming. Don't forget to pre-order your CUT&SWALLOW tees by sending an e-mail to

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Live long and prosper, people! xxxxxx
(RKelly's Chocolate Factory is really good.)


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Nana said...

I love your hair. That picture of you with the whit tyehead is highlarious. You look like one of those pissed jamaican nannies that carry around these spoiled white kids. Anygays do you gurl. Fuck em. They're scared of anything different and secretly they go home and want to be what you are