Monday, 13 April 2009

I Turned A Sexy Dress Into A Sexy Waistcoat!

Sewing Machines At The Ready!
(The long weekend is over! It was amazing, I'm watching 90210... beautiful!)

Hi guys... arrrrrggghhh.... I know you guys aint too happy with me, cos I aint really finished the pants I made. Well, I have, I just don't have a camera to show you every step... and I have a million excuses, so just forgive me and look at this! LOL.

OK, so I it was at Zezi's (Click here for her blog!) house for her birthday! And she just gave me all these clothes that she didn't want and one of the pieces she gave me was this dresses from Miss Selfridges below on Miss Lilz of Allen.

So, I had to go to Boom Bye Bye. My great friend Zahra and big sister PC Williams (click here for her blog) told me to come, and even though I have £20 to last me for the next week, I went. But before I went, I had to make a waistcoat out of the dress above. I had an hour to do it. But I did, so let's see how!

Look at the dress.

Check it out, you know, weighing it up.

Use your sharp scissors to cut up the back, now, make sure you cut along the seams neatly, especially if you have to run out!

I was trying to cut out the zip neatly, maybe so I could reuse it later, but I was running out of time, so I had to actually just cut it out, I wont be able to use it again, but it looks good.

See? Nice and neat!

Then, once you've done that, it should all come apart into one big piece!

Now, you have to cut it! Be brave! Cos I'm in a rush, I have to cut along this seam, to create instant waist coat.

Oh gosh, but it's soooo boring! So, I'll take a piece of material from the bottom half to jazz it up a bit.

Lay your pieces out and think: "Hmmmm, what can I do to jazz this shit up?"

Take the long piece and fold it in half inside outside.

And sew up the seams at the edges and make sure you don't get excited and sew up the long side!
So you can turn it inside out like this:

And the edges where you sewed should look like this:

Now you gotta attach this to the waistcoat.

Here's the video of how to do the pleating!

Then it's finished! I mean, I can add more to it later, but it was 11 o'clock and I had to go get ready!

And this is meeeeeeeeeee in the waistcoat! I think it's gonna look better on someone with less breasts, but I think it was a nice accent on my outfit:

Great! If there's anything you want me to clarify, email me! And I think it will really look better on someone with less boobies, so I might auction this off on ebay in the forseeable future.

Oh and in other news, remember these vests from my first collection:

Well, I'm selling 20 limited edition tees in a few weeks time. I've had a few pre-orders already, so get at me if you're interested.

And ummm... yeah, that's it, live long and prosper, people. And follow me on twitter: it's danilorum xxx


LALA said...

dan! i still want that cut&swallow tshirt! :D

Rachie-Pie said...

i love the waist cut but but but you cut that hot dress!!

tjayne said...

I didnt like the dress, but I love the waistcoat...good initiative cos i just woulda cut it into a skirt lol xx