Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter Weekend; Party Party!

(I should be asleep, but I fell asleep too early and now I'm awake!)

Hey guys, how's it hanging? It was Paul's birthday on Saturday, so Ben and I, with our broke selves got drunk on Vodkat before we got to G-A-Y. It's not the place for me on Saturdays, it's got a different feel to it; I prefer Wednesday nights at Heaven, everyone's on a level and ready for a skank. We left early, not before taking this picture, I'm telling you, my mum really wants us to get married... lol...poor ting.

Rewind a couple of days, and Bonita, Lily Mercer (click here for her blog) and I went down to the Scarlet Harlots gig (click here for their MySpace), and if I might just add, I quite likey the guitarist Geoff or Jeff, hottie, with hair like how mine used to be. But anyway; here's a pic we forced a random guy to take of us:

We'd been drinking... it was fun.

OK and then, Sunday night just gone, I came home from Ben's, where'd I'd been lingering and Zahra told me to come to Boom Bye Bye and against all my better judgement, even though I only had £20 left to last me til my student loan comes through, I made my waistcoat, jumped in the shower and bopped out my flat at 12:30am to go to Dalston where it was at. Mate, it was a long journey, but I made it; updating my Twitter, every step of the way. I got there, finally at like 2:00am and all my friends were there! I met Chloe for the first time, cos we're friends on FB and we're signed to the same PR/Management company- so that was fun.

Look at my skanky, aint got money tights... LOL. Isn't Chloe a doll? Oh and Phoenix Martin is too fucking much, shortest model in history to walk London Fashion Week; I swear... she's shorter than Moss!

And I fucking love this next picture, it really sums up how I felt that night.... I was with my friends and we didn't care. We were happy and just loving life!

So, yeah, until next time; live long and prosper xxx


Amara said...

hot glasses

Muzikality said...

Yaaaay u blogged me hehe