Friday, 15 May 2009

Don't Dress Like It's A Recession!

My New Online Boutique!
(Project Runway is really making me feel to study design at Uni.)

Hi Everyone! I hope you're all OK, I see you've all be mighty quiet lately, but I'll still keep blogging. 
OK, so I was let go from my part-time job at Carphone Warehouse, they called me on my birthday to tell me this awful news, but whatever. I'm a hustler, no time for depression. 

The new boutique will be selling clothes with no homes which I've kindly collected from fierce girls up and down London over this past week. I wanna give these clothes a new home at affordable prices. I've really got some amazing shit some with tags still in them, from Topshop to Dereon and Adidas. My mates giving us some Kurt Geiger shoes. It's really gonna be a toure-de-force. And we'll be up and running by the end of next week.

It's all about recycling and for about 90% of this project, everything is recycled; even the pictures in the advertisements:

So look out for the WONDERLONDONSUPERWOMAN boutique opening soooooooooon!

Live long and prosper guys;

Oh yeah and you'll be able to buy exclusive CUT&SWALLOW pieces and teeshirts.


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LALA said...

cant wait! :D