Tuesday, 12 May 2009

This Dress Is Haunting Me

This Dress Won't Die (LOL)!!!
(I'm working hard on my new boutique; WONDERLONDONSUPERWOMAN for you guys.)

Hi everyone. I hope you're enjoying my blog. OK, I designed this dress last year for my first collection WONDERLONDONSUPERWOMAN. The collection was shot by the amazing photographic genius known as Azza, click here for his blog.

Here my big sister Ezara is modelling it for me:

Then the first time it was featured was by my really good friend Chloe Forde; the fashion news editor at The Cut Newspaper, click here for their website.

Then by my really good friend Bartek Rytkowski; the fashion and lifestyle editor at Polish DJ Magazine.

Then by Eboni Burrowes, a stylist at Flavour Magazine, click here for their magazine.

And then most recently for a "GQ" photoshoot. I say "GQ" because I don't believe its really for GQ magazine... like the GQ? Gentlemen's Quaterly? Hmmm... get out of here.

But yeah, this seems to be photographically a dress that people love to shoot. It's my most expensive dress I've ever made and it was ripped at a fashion show and they basically, in a round about way refused to pay for it. This dress is my pride and joy, but I want it to go to sleep now. LOL.

OK, guys, well I'm off now. To watch Project Runway. Heidi Klum annoys me. Very beautiful though.
Live long and prosper xxx

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