Saturday, 2 May 2009

Unemployed Swagger

(On the phone to mummy.)

Hey guys! There's 21 of you now, how are you all? I'm 20 today and fired. You know I work at Carphone Warehouse? Well, they called me today, on my birthday, and told me I'm! WOW! What the fuck? I shouted at my manager "On my birthday? Couldn't you call on another day?" Stupid bastards. Carphone Warehouse sheg me at every motherfucking oppurtunity. Just bend me over and sheg me in my arse... and I dont get down like that.

The silver lining? I'm FLY! LOL... got my hair done, my nails did. Interviewed Speech Debelle yesterday for The SuperSuper Magazine where I'm working, styled Shamz Le Roc's video on Wednesday and last night my best friend Yasmin celebrated her birthday at the o2 Arena, we had a VIP table and drinks flowed all night down my throat. We ate at a dodgey Brazillian restaurant too and I've been shitting all day... not a good look. Too raw? Oh well... LOL.

Yuanna did my nails extra YARDIE for my birthday, how I like:

and look at me on trying on these goggles I put Shamz in for her vid. I bought them for 99p at, yeah, you guessed it, the 99p shop. LOL.

OK, I'm going now, to shit some more, cos this food really didn't agree with me belly and I ate a lot of it and to nap for 1 hour and get ready for my birthday do!

Later, I'm gonna show you guys how to turn your old jeans into these cute bootie shorts everyone's wearing....

(the picture wouldn't rotate, I don't have time to waste.)

And how I shortened this dress in 10 minutes before I went to a party:

OK? Well excuse me guys.... have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend. Be safe, enjoy yourself and thanks for reading.



LALA said...

LOVE U!!!!!

Muzikality said...

Thats ridiculous babe!!! F**k em!!!

Amara said...

happy b day, love the nails