Thursday, 7 May 2009

Take Me Higher!

How To Shorten A Dress In 10 Minutes!
(I'm l istening to Kanye West's Late Orchestration on Spotify.)

Hi everyone! There's 23 of you now! I'm so happy. Ok, so it was the 1st of May and my best friend Yasmin's birthday celebration. We went to some expensive restaurant in the o2 Arena and then when it clicked over into the 2nd of May we went and got crunk at a club they have there too. I got really really unnecessarily drunk and did very silly things. But I'm allowed, I'm 20, the drinks were free and I was swigging them in the VIP area... yeahhhhhh boy! LOL!!!

OK, but before all that, I bought this beautiful dress from this vintage shop in west end called POP:

I love the print on the dress but for a fun night out with my best friend, it's too bloody long. Now normally, I'd just hack it to pieces and get it mighty short, but look at the beautiful print! You cant just cut through that all willy nilly.

So have a look at your dress, mine has a lining under it;

I just cut the lining in half.

Get a hand sewing needle. Cos you can jump on the machine, but then you really wanna protect the print and when you're in a rush just hand stitch.

Fold the printed side up to a length that's comfortable to you. And you want to use your pins to quickly tack the printed side to the edge of the lining that you've cut. I used the hem, cos that length was comfortable for me. But do whats good for you.

And just use the needle and thread to secure where you've pinned, by putting 3/4 stitches in that point. Sorry aint got no pictures of that to show you. But I hope you know what I mean. It should look all neat like this when you've finished.

Errr, duh brain, silly billy that I am, I didn't take any pictures to show you what it looks like on. So I had to rely on pics from that night to show you:

Great! Any questions? Send me an e-mail.
Drink responsibly, guys. And have people you trust around you. (Random? But it's important.)

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