Monday, 1 June 2009

Good Friends, Good Times, Good Life

(Emotional. Listening to Ginuwine Differences... why? No reason.)

Hey Guys. How are you all? I hope everybody's well. Make sure you check out the boutique when you can! I have a very, very limited edition of exclusive CUT&SWALLOW summer dresses coming out soon. Really excited. They're only available on the boutique, so make sure you get your PayPals ready. YAY!

OK, so went out to Miss PC William's monthly night; BOOM BYE BYE last night. WOW. Amazing! Do you remember my flatmate Sophia? She was dancing all the bashment dances... we were like "Go Sophiiiieeeee!" LOL. Twas a great night to be there.

Errrr got home at like 5am. Slept til 1pm. Then got up to go to my friends the Rope Chain Spiller Kidz video shoot. Before I made it there, I managed to cut my elbow on broken glass and it was overly emotional as it would not stop bleeding. Sophia gave me a bacon looking plaster:

Then I got ready and got to the video shoot location. While waiting to be collected from the rendevue point, I took a pic of my feet. I was rocking my Lily Allen style today. Never again. I'm 20 now. Not cute.

I love being at video shoots. The girls rocked it out. Met some slebs, well they're slebs in my eyes and drank free red bull. Check out the girls' feet:

It's gonna be smashing! Can't wait to see the video!

Then Patrica, Hannah, Zahra and I spent the next 8 hours together! It was amazing! We had lunch and girly chats at Bar Music hall and drove over to Margreezy's house for pizza and films:

Errrr... yeah! That's all.

Thanks for reading.
Speak to you soon.
Live long and prosper!



Gusto said...

Yea just passing through! Feeling the blog! See your style game is up there! Big!

glittah said...

heeeey, i recognize that pink bubble dress! :) Can't wait to see the video too!