Saturday, 6 June 2009

Jack of All Trades, Master of the Decks

(I have a day rammed full of filming tomorrow.)

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope this beautiful weather has caught you in good spirits! There are 28 of you now! I love seeing the family growing. YAY!

Well guys, my big brother Kevin Morosky of The White Kids asked me to DJ at TIN and like, errrr of course. I can't DJ, I'm not gonna pretend, but I can put on a few CDs and scratch a bit; totally not a problem.  If you're gonna be in London come down. The Flyer isn't big, but here are the details:

Friday June 26th


Free Entry

The Haggerston Pub 
438 Kingsland Rd Dalston 
E8 4AA 

I'm gonna be spinning some Diana King, Eek-A-Mouse, Cham, taking you back to Jamaica. The bring you back to London with a lil bit grime, some funky and then I dont know, I'll drag everyone there through the world of sound! YAY!!! 

And tomorrow I'm gonna put up a blog on how to make this dress. It's summer and everyone wants a nice summer maxi dress. Easy to make. And cost effective, what more do you want? SEWING MACHINES at the ready!

OK, so live long and prosper my friends! xxxx

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