Monday, 15 June 2009

How To Make A Halter-Neck Maxi Dress

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Hi Guys! There's 29 of you now! YAY! Good times. I don't know if you guys follow me on Twitter
but I've been feel poorly today and it's raining now, so I've made a conscious decision to sit the fuck down and write this blog for all you good folk.

Now remember, this isn't the right way to do it, but it works for me.


What You Need

  • 2 metres of stretch lycra or jersey material
  • thread
  • shears or just really sharp scissors
  • measuring tape
  • sewing machine

Measure under your bust.

Then measure from under your bust to your ankles.

Measure around your neck to under your bust.

Now to cut your material. First; measure out and cut a piece which is the length that you measured from under your bust to your ankles and the width around under your bust (add two inches to that to give you a little stretch for when you walk, or else you'll be walking like a geisha.) This is piece A.

Now, measure and cut a piece which is ten inches wide and the length of under your bust. Hope you're following. LOL. This is piece B.

Now, measure and cut a piece of material that is 15 inches wide and the length from under your bust and around your neck. This is piece C.

Now, if you lay your material out, it should look like this.

Now, fold piece B in half along the width and sew it together along the length.

When you turn it inside out the seam should look neat and pretty like this.

Now turn your attention to piece B. You must again fold it in half along the width of the material, cos you want to sew along the length of the material, this time with a zig-zag stitch to give it some stretch.

Now fold the material in half and meet up the two shorter ends.

Now match up the ends of the material

Pin them together, so it's straight.

You're gonna put a staight stitch down the material.

When you turn it inside out, it should have a nice, clean seam like this.

Now, you want to sew piece A and B together. Lay the clean seams on top of one another, if you do it any other way, when the inside will end up on the outside, it's happened to me many times!

Remember I told you to cut it 2 inches wider for piece A? Well, here you can gather the material, as you sew it to piece B, I chose to put 2 pleats in the material. I think you should gather it, cos the pleasts look silly. Don't know how to do pleats? Click here to watch a video I made a while ago. Make the pleats enough so that the remainder of the material left is equal to that of piece B. If that's really confusing, e-mail me.

When you've pinned both piece A and B together, it will have been pinned in a circle.

Now sew! Sew piece A and B together!

When you turn this the right way round it should look like a high waisted skirt, you could wear it like that if you wanted to. Sorry about the shit picture.

Now you want to attach piece C to the skirt part. Once again, sorry about the poor picture. What you want to do is gather the material at the short edge of the material and pin it to the inside seam of the skirt where you've sewed piece A and piece B together. Sew piece C to the seam and there you go. Your halter dress.

Enjoy guys! If there is anything you don't understand. E-mail me and I'll explain. Sorry I took so long. Make some of the dresses and sell them. It' fun!

Send me your pictures of your dresses!

Live long and prosper. xxx


Georgette aka Afri Kobe said...

You are amazing, you need to start a class, i will love to learn how to do freehand pattern cutting, because making the patterns using paper is long now lol x

ZEZI IFORE said...


well done dan dan... so kind of you to share your secrets with the masses!


p.s. hope you and ben are still up for being my personal couturiers!

HOUSE OF SIDE-EYE coming soon!

glittah said...

cool blog hun! i'm gonna link on mine! xxx