Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Team Behind It All

These People Made It All Possible!
(I'm listening to Brownstone- If You Love Me. Remember when they used to put dark skinned black girls in music videos? Good stuff.)

Hi Guys! Thank you so much for all your positive words and encouragement. I've been so scared of the launch and you guys really help me know that I'm doing the right thing. YAY!

I'd like to say a special thanks to the ladies (I'm not sure which one of you wrote it LOL) over at CoCaine Pretti, Makintosh and my homegirl Tiffany over at From Tiffs... With Love who was originally supposed to star in the campaign, for your immediate reaction to the campaign, and the biggest thank you goes over to my big sister PC Williams over at for her great support and encouragement! You've me really happy.

So first I wanna tell you about my amazing photographer Gabriel Green.

I made my decision to work with Gabriel in January on my TERRIBLE show at Stitching The Gap. He was soooooo cool though, told me that every creative makes mistakes, but it's all about how we get up from that. And you know what guys? He was right! And I've now got the best shots ever. I'm really happy. Gabriel is the resident photographer at my favourite club night; Hard Knock Wife and he also works at Vice Magazine.

Visit his flickr by clicking here. (Amazing photography! So blessed to work with him)

I've been working with Ferzana Awan on make-up and Lauren Campbell on hair for nearly a year now and I trust these two with my creative vision. They were also there to hold my hand through some of my worst creative decisions at Stitiching the Gap and also London Fashion Week. I love these two for their talent and loyalty!

Hannah Balogun was the stylist on the shoot. We've been friends for a long time, since Coconut Twin Rave Days. We work at SuperSuper Magazine together and have done videos together. She's worked for everyone from Giles Deacon to the very lovely, soon to take over the world Basso&Brooke!

She's even been in Grazia!

You always need a fantastic team around you. Always.

Live long and prosper, people!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out!! its all about supporting young talent people!! when am bk in the UK am gonna come visit u on u stoll!!

Hannarnia said...

omggg dannnyy lmfao!! ive jus seen thiiisss

Hannarnia said...

OMG!!! dannni lmfaaaoooo....i didnt see this!!

cocainepretti said...

Thanks for the love.Cocaine has to support others creativity when it's as nice as yours.