Sunday, 19 July 2009

How To Get Low And Not Spill Your Drink!

(The stall opens on Friday selling CUT&SWALLOW! So excited!)

Hi All! I hope you're all good, that you've been better than me! I'm working hard on the stall and this Reebok Project with SuperSuper Magazine, where I work, its all a little bit hectic!

So anyway! I went to my friend Suki + TicTac's birthday last week at The Legion in Hoxton and it was so nice to be back in Hoxton, everyone's so nice and no-one stares at your shaved off hair, cos they've most probably got a plate in their lip and have better things to do with their eyes! LOL. But yeah and my great friend, Buzzzzzta (fellow bad-man designer) tagged me in a beautiful picture of the two of us. I went looking for the set and photographer they belonged to and looking through this photographer's set, I realised how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE club photography! Click here to check out MEGAMEGAMEGA!

I perfectly demonstrate how to keep your drink in your glass while dropping it low! YAY for me!

Other club fav club photographers of mine are Billa Baldwin, click here to check him out and obviously the photographer from the last shoot, Gabriel Green!

OK guys! So go out there and get papped in the most unflattering positions ever!

PS. CUT&SWALLOW bags coming soon!

Live long and prosper!


LALA said...

love these photos!

That London girl said...

oh wow
u look rather peng dan dan !!!

and yehh billa is probably by favorite club photographer xx

Nia Imani said...

beautiful girl, i love this blog. i follow now. I'm Nia Imani btw.

P.C. WILLIAMS said...

I love these pics danny!!!!! they are beaut!!!