Sunday, 19 July 2009


She's Amazing!
(I need to get up from in front of this screen and clean my pig sty!)

Who is PC-Williams?

Pat was the brainchild behind one of my favourite designers first London Fashion Week shows and Miss Williams has since graduated from Central Saint Martins and has already launched her clothing label PC-Williams! A men's wear label, it's really for the manly men who enjoy their masculinity and style. Check out the pix from her new collection!

If I had a man, best believe he will be head to toe in PC-Williams. And know this, as soon as winter hits, I'm snatching myself that first jacket. I don't care if its men's wear. Great stuff!
Head over to her website to see more of the collection and find out more about her and her goings on!

Other than being a masterful men's wear designer and the one behind hours spent on the dancefloor, sweating out my weave at her monthly club night BOOMBYEBYE, Pat is just a good friend. In the industry everyone's really secretive and ready to shakara you at any moment, but Pat is really open and always there with a helping hand (or push) and an encouraging word! GO PAT!

Live long and prosper mofos!


P.C. WILLIAMS said...

awwwwwwwww! thank you sweetie! Xx

sambaylissibram said...

these clothes r sick sick sick
also: lil' somin bout u ;)

That London girl said...

oh wow
here stuff are well nice
hahahah i cnt believe u used the word "shakara"
hahahah u aint even a naija :)

M said...

been readin' ur blog for a minute & just wanna say....loves it.
keep it up & check out mine!

Anonymous said...

Sidebar: RCSK are lovely people