Thursday, 27 August 2009

It's A HardKnock Life So Boom Bye Bye!

My Weekend's Gonna Get Knocked About A Bit
(Nervous about my meeting with a PR today... errrr!)

Hi Guys! How you doing? This carnival weekend's gonna be manic! Friday is one of my favourite monthly club nights; HardKnock Wife. You'll find me in the middle of the dance floor with my girlies, cos this is one for music lovers; you hear them tunes you love but aint heard in time or them tunes you've never heard before... This is their special, so I know I'm in for an extra treat! YAY!

Be there or be square.

Then Saturday is Boom Bye Bye 7, I love this night so much cos there are no cameras except the ones you have so you can roll however you want, in a nightie even and no1 aint watching no face, cos everyone is looking for a hard skank and a strong drink. I can't wait!

And finally Sunday is my nearly weekly addiction; Glam Roc @ Ministry of Sound and this is all about watching face. LOL, you gotta have a balance! You gotta be rocking your skyscrapingly ridiculous heels and know how to bust a badman funky house skank in them. Oh, Glam Roc, I do enjoy thee.

And I don't do Notting Hill Carnival, so Monday I will be with my mum. Once you've done Carnival in Jamaica, everything else pales in comparison!

Live long and party hard friends! xxx

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