Monday, 24 August 2009

It's Been A Long Time , I Shouldn't Have Left You...

(Throat is very soar... )

Hi guys! How are you all? I've been really, really busy! Working at SuperSuper and sorting out CUT&SWALLOW for Spitalfields every Friday! It's been hard work, but it's a lot of fun. I'm gonna just breeze through all the fun things...

First things first. WAH Nails had a party and they were doing people's nails for free. Amazing? I know! So Hannah, Lily and I rolled down there to get our nails done! Yipee!

Can't find a great picture of how my nails turned out, but they were friggging amazing! YAY for me!


I found pictures of my nails.

Groovy, no?

Ohhh and my best friend Yasmin found this throw-back pic of me, when I was skinny, we tried to get into BoomBox, but they said no. So we went home taking pictures every step of the way. This was like November 2007, we were fearless in what we wore and what we did. It was great!

You know I'm at the market nearly every Friday this summer. Well, this is what I look like when travelling on my way there with my suitcase. I'm sorry if I've hit you over the head with it on the 133 to Liverpool St. I got Ben to take the picture, I wanted you all to see my CUT&SWALLOW tee... LOL!

This is me at the stall on the same day as the Reebok Party...

Every month I'm down at Goldie Lock's club night HardKnock Wife. I roll alone, but I always buck up inna some of my famlay!

Check out Shamz Le Roc, My Big Brother and I posted up on the wall! LOL. He is soooo miserable...

LOL... sooo miserable!

This was another night at HardKnock with my girls the Rope Chain Spiller Kids and you can just about make out Suzanna's feet!

Boom Bye Bye 7 was heaven with all my beautiful girls.

My best friend came down from Scotland and shook a leg!

Check out the guy in the back of Zahra's photo.

My babies Ruebin and Jayson getting down in the club!

My best friend Yasmin won a scholarship to study International Business and Spanish in the US, so she threw herself (in true Original Bikini Bottom Bad Gal's style) a goodbye picnic. I made myself a necklace out of Dissarano bottle tops and everyone wanted to wear it.

My best friend and her fiance!

I miss her so much! (she just left yesterday)

This was my hippie swagger!

The whole family!

OH guys, I feel like I've been talking-talking about myself for a whole post! LOL! Well, until next time...

Lots of love
Live long and prosper!


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