Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Where The Hell Have You Been?

I'm Hustling The Shit Out Of This Thing Called Life!
(At the office playing Funky House with Dan....)

Hi Guys! It's been a while. I've been REALLY busy! Praise God the Reebok project wrapped on Friday, now I'm working on stuff for the magazine! I was at Portobello Market on Sunday with WONDERLONDONSUPERWOMAN and Shamz Le Roc and I will be back on Friday (God willing, I'm feeling a little bit ill...) at Spitalfield's Market with the CUT&SWALLOW. So I'm out and about doing stuff, it's just my iMac is playing silly buggers and its hard to update all the time. I have sooooooo many pix from events to show you; the Reebok Party, The WAH party, BBB6... oh guys, I'm having a great summer! You can also see me Monday to Thursday running up and down Dalston Kingsland Road filming for SuperSuper.

OK, until I sort out my mac, follow me on twitter to find out what I had for breakfast and other utterly important details of my day to day life and check out this pic of me at the Reebok party holding on to my camera in a very suggestive way. LOL.

Photography by Billa

Lots of love, live long and prosper.
Dani xxx

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