Thursday, 26 November 2009


(Don't be mad if you're not on my level, get a ladder... budget bitch!)

Hi guys!

I know I've been away for ever, but that means I've been working harder than ever! YAY! Quick round up of what the fuck I'm doing; I'm making a documentary about unicyclists. I'll be living amongst them for the next 5 months. They've said that I have to learn how to ride a unicycle and here's me trying:

Right after this shot was taken, I fell on my ass, harder than I ever have.

Here's me working at the Boxfresh event. Skepta is as sexy in real life as he is on the telly. :-D

Here's me working at the Reebok launch for the 20th Anniversary of The Pump.

OK, guys! I'm so excited about 2010 life. It's ridiculous!

I hope and pray all of you are all right and doing what you need to be doing, not just reading people's blog... make your own, lovers! Live life! It feels great!

God bless
Dani xxx

PS. I'm so late! My new guuuurl crush is Nicki Minaj! I know, I know, but I love her and I'm going to find out when she's coming to London so I can interview her or something... LOL, I aint told my boss yet, but I really wanna do something with her! She's amazing! xxxx

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