Wednesday, 16 December 2009


(I can't wait to meet N-Dubz in the new year, I will finally get to marry Dappy. YAY!)

Hi guys! How are you all doing? Can I just say that it's so great that I have 55 readers, at the beginning of the year it was like 3 or something and now I have 55 readers! YAY! Never give up. I know it's not like 500 readers, but slow and steady and all that.

I've been been busy working with the mag planning for next year; big things agwan. We been throwing parties at my flat... The pictures are somewhere. I need to find them. I also interviewed the wonderful guys from Ambush Designs, look out for the interview in the next issue of SuperSuper; it's supposed to drop in January!

There were a lot of parties last week. Here's a picture of me pulling some kind of face at the launch of the Billionaire Boys Club pop up store launch something something... whatever. All the cool kids were there and someone let me in and let me get close to the free bar! YAY!

As you can see, my weave is gone... just can't be bothered right now. I need a wig... but then again... do I? Hmmm, whatever. I'm just gonna keep shaving it and let the other side grow wild like a bush! YAY!

Ohhh yeah and shhhhh! I'm starting a project with a really cool brand. I'm really excited. I thought my designing was in bed for a while; I WAS WRONG! When you're meant to do something; you will.

Anyhoooo, I'm rambling on.

God bless
Live long and prosper.
Dani xx

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Georgette aka Afri Kobe said...

i think it looks cute dat way xx