Thursday, 28 January 2010


Twitter Withdrawal And Traumatic Experiences
(I'm gonna eat an orange once I've written this blog entry.)

Hi guys! I hope you're all sexy like whoa!!! I on the other hand do not feel all that right now. I've prayed about it and hope to be moving out of this ditch soon. But, honestly, it's been tragedy after tragedy in my house lately. The boiler broke down and we had no heating for two weeks. Everyone moved into my room. I broke up with my boyfriend (his fucking loss). My flatmate was attacked by a man in a balaclava on our doorstep. Police have been interviewing us all week. Our house looked like a scene in CSI. Sad times. But we're all trying to make it comfortable for her. We're really blessed to live with such loving people. I thank God every time I remember, that nothing worse happened to her, that she's still with us. :-( Grrrr and it is in no way any comparison to what happened to her, but I lost my make-up case. (Don't judge me, tragedy is relative.)

I tried yesterday to get everybody do take pictures for our new blog, but the pictures honestly look like we're pretending to be happy, which we were. But I thought I'd share what I was wearing with you all.

LOL! I'm doing my best Mary-Kate! Anyway. I like blue a lot, all of a sudden. Not on purpose though, this dress was £110 down to £25 and it was in my size (16)! YAY!

Oh yeah and I'm in love with any songs with drums. So Florence + the Machine just does it, so do The Temper Trap. In my house we're just prancing around to Blinding and Sweet Disposition.

OK, guys. Keep keeping on!
Lots of love
Dani xxx

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Simpli-c-t said...

dnt wry...the year has just started fings will get better for u......x