Sunday, 24 January 2010


My Twitter Bird Is Dead
(Over exposure is not cute)

Hi Guys! I hope you're all doing well! I am procrastinating writing this stupid pitch document for class and in doing so, I've decided that I'm deleting my Twitter account. Why do I feel the need to constantly update people who don't even really like me or know me on every aspect of my day? It's really stupid of me and not cute. Obviously, you don't have to use it the way I do, but does everyone really need to know how much I hate Boris Johnson and bus drivers who play Catch The Red Light when I'm late and what time I wake up, and how I shave my fanny, and the last time I brushed my teeth? OH Gosh! If I get rid of it, then I cant update it. I've worked it out and I update my twitter status an average of 30 times a day... FUCK OFF! I need to get back to reality.


Anyhoo! Chris tagged me in this photo from 2/3 years ago and Sophia says I look better now, but I don't know... I'm really obsessing about how much weight I've put on. [O_o] LOL... yes you may laugh at my weave. It was (and still is) amazing to me!!!

LOL... I made this dress. It was during my I love Vivienne Westwood phase and I remember I was wearing a cardigan cos the zip was ATROCIOUS! LOL! Fun times... It cost me £2 to make and I was so flattered when Bruno asked me if it was Vivienne Westwood... YAY!

OK, God bless!
Lots of love.

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