Thursday, 21 January 2010

A Quick Hello

(I'm watching American Idol. I love it.)

HELLO LOVELIES! Sorry I haven't been around. I've been really busy with school, I'm writing my dissertation! Errrrr! Can you believe it? I graduate July 16th. It's amazing to me. YAY! Ohhhh and can you believe it, they're asking me to teach customising work shops at Goldsmiths University. AHAHAHAHA! My life is really weird. But I wouldn't change it for world.

My flatmates, Bonnie, Sophia and I are working on a new blog for you, it's gonna be amazing and emotional and most importantly updated more regularly. I'm so excited, I have projects coming out of my ears.

OK, now for the pictures! We shot with my favourite pop culture phenominum (I can't spell for shit) N-Dubz last week. It was fun. Fazer is my favourite, we danced together and he smells like heaven:

Oh and my twin Holly and I were in the office, she was there to do the make up for a shoot and I was doing "work" hence the time we had to take numerous pictures on photobooth and here's one of them:

I'll be back soon, lovers!
God bless
Dani xx

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e. said...

love ur hair .. beautiful !!