Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Fasten Your Seatbelts And Enjoy The Ride!
(Butterflies by Michael Jackson featuring Floetry, isn't it one of the greatest?)

Hello motherlovers! How are you all? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Me? I'm just sitting writing the literature review0 for my degree and trying to transcribe an interview for the magazine... It's so cold in my house cos the boiler broke at our New Years Eve party... side eye!!! But whatever. God blessed me with beautiful people and we're getting on with life. YAY! Hope you too enjoyed yourself at your church, parties or get-togthers!

*Hangs my head in shame* I bought a Kate Moss at TopShop dress for my NYE outfit. I really could have made it, but it was on sale! And I looked amazing in it. I bought my earrings and heart ring from Oasis and my heels, are from Guess by Marciano from many seasons ago, but you can't see them, so does it matter?... LOL!

The worst part is that I could have made the dress, but after a while, it's like, gosh! I just wanna buy something. LOL...

Anyway guys! Gotta go... make a list of all the different libraries I have to hit tomorrow.

Lots of love!
Love long and prosper!
Dani xxx

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