Friday, 19 February 2010


Snap, Develop, Scan
(The joy of London College of Fashion Open Access)

FINALLY! I've got my pictures back from Germany! Hoooray! Here's a quick selection! Ummm they're all of Kevin... hehehehee! I LOVE GERMANY! I would go back. It's a really nice place.

This is how unicyclists unwind after a day of competition!

LOL... I remember Kevin saying "Let's see what this boy does with that, he better not be throwing it here.." LOL

Lutz was Kevin's infatuation whilst we were in Germany!

I love this picture sooooooo much!!!

It was Karneval in Germany and these flowers were on this table the whole weekend. O_O I don't know...

We found this trolley full of beer bottles whilst in town.

All the taxis in Germany are Mercedes! LOL! WOW!

All they eat in Germany is sausage and cakes... I mean, that's a generalisation, but... I don't care, that's what I saw. LOL, here is Kevin trying one out, they're pretty good, but they serve them in hard buns. O_O what?

K standing in a Kiosk. Like, all their corner shops are called Kiosk, like imagine if all our coner shops were called Shop. ahahahahahaa!!!

Unicycles! I have unicycles coming out of my ears. If I never see a unicycle after this project, it will be too soon.

Here's a short film that Kevin made called mirrors, LOL! Check me trying out a unicycle! LOL! I love it!

I know I've been going on about my brother alot lately, but ummmm, if he was your brother you'd be too! So there! LOL.

God bless
Dani xxx

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