Sunday, 21 February 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed... (*cue Aaliyah)

Crazy Brave or Phony Tough?
(I love House! OMG! Hugh Laurie, you, me... ohhhhhh yeah!)

Hi all! I don't know for the life of me where my nail technician of amazingness Yuanna who's done my nails for the last 3 years has gone. My friends Chris and Bruno of Basso&Brooke gave me a piece of material from a collection of theirs maybe like a year ago to put in my nails, which sounds crazy, but Yuanna said she could do it... but now that Yuanna's gone and apparently other nail technicians in London are completely incapable of stepping into her shoes, I was forced to do it myself. Yes, that's right, I did my nails myself, acrylic and all. And guess what? THEY WERE HORRIBLE! LOL! Yes, that's right, they were gross, but the fact is I tried! I might try again, but to be honest, I just proved to myself that each person has things that they are good at and nails are not one of mine. LOL! Check the pictures...

Ahaahahahaha! I tried. I did.

God bless
Dani xx

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Gash With The Cash said...

WHATT!! I've just been putting the gears in motion to learn how to do acrylics. I'm so impressed! Did you get your stuff from Hollywood Nails?