Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Home Straight

(Need an assistant, again, but delegating shit to people is hard. I don't trust no-one but me to do the best job. LOL.)

Hi Guys! I know it's been forever since I posted. I've felt bad, but been unable to pull myself out of my bed. But I'm here! I'm here! Ok, where to start...

We went to my big brother's (@KevinMorosky's) Club night Bounty at Old Blue Last. Good stuff. Had bare fun.

Check out my girl Bonnie's blog for all the pictures.

Then later that week we went down to the Shank Album Premier. O_O No one was dancing, so I saw all my friends, took some pix, danced a little, but every one was watching my friends and I cos we were the only ones who didn't care and tried to have a good time, instead of holding up the walls and eyeballing people. *deep sigh* So I Did the hokey pokey and left the joint. Free alcohol made it better....

Anyhoooo! I love Rosa Acosta, previously I was on the Amber Rose Diet. Now I'm on the Rosa Acosta Body. I love her! I love her body. LOL.

Soon and very soon, I'll have a version of this body.

LOL. At the SuperSuper offices with Mr Riddler and Mr Sels trying on clothes that I had no business trying on. Like, make your video and go home. Nope, I was trying on hats and shoes and oooooo I love my job...

Sophia and I got dressed up for no reason and went out to get her a new phone at o2 and chilled out with the o2 duckies and just looked fabulous for nooooo reason! LOL.

Arrggggh! I'm nearly finished with university. Argggggghhhh! Scared! Like its the last 2 months now and I'm on the home straight! And guess who I am? Usain Bolt. This is gonna be a beautiful victory in my life, if I focus! If i dont, then, big time fail. But guess what? I don't do failure... so this is gonna be a spectacular finish!

God bless all!

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