Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I Spoke At Tate Modern

A New Chapter
(Listening to Jessie J's Who You Are- Seeing is deceiving, Dreaming is believing.)

Hi Guys! How are you all? Last week I spoke at Tate Modern in London. (I'll update this post with a video soon.) I along with the unstoppable Bangs And A Bun interpreted art installations by Mona Hatoum.

I was so blessed to have such a great opportunity and it was so nice to have all my friends there listening to me speak. What was nicest of all is all my twitter friends who came along especially Ian who came all the way from Northampton. POW! I'm so blessed. Thank you everyone, thank you Jesus.

Enough talking. "Enough talking, what did you wear?"

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Photography via best friend/sister/rock Florie at Peanut Butter Trysts

I feel really good right now guys! YAY! God is good!

Lots of love,
Dani x

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