Friday, 22 April 2011


Empty Barrels Make The Most Noise Sometimes
(Listening to Amy Winehouse, when will she come and quench my thirst?)

Hi guys! I know I'm quiet right now, but that's because there isn't anything to say. CUT&SWALLOW isn't going anywhere, but right now opportunities are opening up in other areas in my life and I must pursue them. There will be another collection before the end of the year, but other than that, let me just say I'm leaving it in God's hands. That is not to forget that faith without works is dead; God aint gonna come and sew my clothes for me. LOL. Get the point? GOOD!

So, if you still want to read blog entries from me, read my other blog WONDERLONDON FILMS, it's a blog all about films, directors, music videos, actors, telly, anything that pleases my eyes. Follow and read the blog by clicking here >>> WONDERLONDON FILMS.

Also, follow me on twitter to be in constant communication with me. Ha! Click here >>> danilorum.

See you guys soon!

God bless.
Dani xxx

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