Sunday, 27 July 2008


Big Up The Funky House Crew
(Time to go to bed.)

Are you dumb?!?! My best friend Yasmin broke me into the ideals of Funky House last summer. I I used to hate it, but it grew on me like fungus, now I'm infected; the beats are frigging wonderful and just good music to work to and jam to and most importantly SKANK to.  Funky House is about London, for me, about all my breadrins having a good time and dancing however the fuck they want, going where the music takes you. It's too much.

Check out one of my favourite Funky producers Crazy Cousinz at


Shamz Le Roc said...
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Shamz Le Roc said...

I'm still a piece stush when it comes to Funky. I think it's because I feel cheated when listening to it, I feel most tunes just repeat one phrase throughout but just sing it in different ways. Know what I mean????


danDan said...

hahhahhahahahaha... i proper had to read your comment to my breadrin... so true, but what you see as a flaw, i see as the genius of funky... they need to let you know and ensure that there is no doubt : I love to play my bongos in the morning or tell me what it is, that's got me down like this, what is you do? I'm losing all control... you know? so they sing it over and over again...